Imagine.Create.Transform is a Creativity Coaching practice that was developed by Dr.Steevie Jane Parks. Dr. Parks is both a Certified Creativity Coach and a Licensed Clinical Psychologist who has been working in the field of mental health since 1975.  After many years of providing psychological services to children, adolescents and adults, she discovered that most of her clients did best when encouraged to engage in some form of creative self expression, whether it involved writing, building something, intellectual problem solving, playing a musical instrument, or creating a work of art.  She began to explore ways to help people to gain the confidence to express their authentic selves through their own creative actions.  Over the years, she was able to integrate her interest in creativity with the work she did in her psychotherapy practice by providing individual and group Creativity Coaching experiences. She does most of her Creativity Coaching online, and most of her psychotherapy face to face. Her office is located in a quiet woodsy neighborhood in Carrboro, North Carolina.

For more details about Dr Parks upcoming Creativity Coaching groups and retreats, please visit the ‘Creativity Workshops’ page and the ‘Upcoming Events’ page. If you would like to register for a workshop please call Dr. Parks directly and leave a message at 919-918-1014. A twenty minute phone consult is required for all services including registering for our retreats.

This web site has been created for both new and current clients. It includes information about her practice and other useful information such as PDF documents and Word documents of forms needed to begin either coaching or psychotherapy. Please click on the links above and to the left in order to learn more about Dr. Parks and her services.

Please call (919) 918-1014 in order to set up an initial free 20-minute phone consultation.