What are Creative Arts Therapies and How Are They Used?

Q. What are creative arts therapies?
A. Creative arts therapies refer to the use of any art medium as a psychotherapeutic tool under the guidance of a mental health professional who is either certified or licensed to provide this type of treatment.
Q. What are they good for?
A. Two of the most popular uses of art therapy in this country are to promote self-expression and to enhance self-awareness.
Q. Do I have to be good at art, music or drama to benefit?
A. Absolutely not! You just need to be motivated to express your feelings!
Q. Who can practice creative arts therapies?
A. Different types of creative arts therapies, also called expressive arts therapies, are considered to be separate independently licensed professions in some states. However, a licensed psychologist can provide any of these therapies as long as they have the required training and background to understand the medium as well as how to utilize it for therapeutic purposes.
Q. Who benefits most from creative arts therapies?
A. Many people can benefit from creative arts therapies ranging from those with painful histories of trauma, to those who are seeking emotional release and relaxation. It is most helpful for those clients who have a hard time putting their feelings into words, or who have trouble ‘getting in touch’ with their feelings due to psychological conflict. Children and adults who enjoy the process of being creative will feel right at home with this type of approach!

For those who are not afraid to try something new, creative arts therapies can lead to the uncovering of unconscious wishes, dreams and fantasies that hold the key to greater self-awareness and self-fulfillment. Come and explore what this form of self-expression can do for you!

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