Upcoming Events

Room at the Pelican House at The Trinity Center

Lunch in the Dining Room at Trinity

Some of the Participants in Our First Annual Creative Renewal Retreat at Pine Knoll Shores in July of 2017 on the beach.

 I am expanding this retreat to 12 participants in 2018. The dates for the 2018 retreat will be June 24 to June 28th. The format will be similar.  There will be free studio or writing time from 10-noon and from 1-6 pm. Lodging and meals and snacks will be provided by the Trinity Center in Pine Knoll Shores. Both single rooms and double rooms are available. Single rooms will carry an extra charge of 25.00 per night.  We will meet as a group for an hour or so before dinner on all four nights for workshops designed to help participants to work through any creative blocks or impediments towards realizing their creative potentials.  Rates for this five day workshop are $600.00 for a double room and $700.00 for a single room.  These rates include, workshops, individual coaching, three meals and two snacks per day and lodging. Please call me to register at 919-918-1014 or email me at drsjparks@gmail.com.