Creativity Workshops

This picture was taken of some participants from my July 2017 Creative Renewal Beach Retreat in Pine Knoll Shores, N.C.

I provide  a number of Creativity Workshops throughout the year for Adults in Chapel Hill and throughout North Carolina.


My Creativity Workshops involve the use of art, drama, music and movement to facilitate personal growth and creativity. The workshops are specifically tailored to meet the needs of the individuals present, and can be provided on or off site depending on the need.


Here are just a few testimonials from an adult workshop called ‘Finding the Authentic Self through Creative Expression’.:

  • ‘The experiential nature of the workshop is fabulous!’
  • ‘It was wonderful to try so many different methods of expression in one day.’
  • ‘It was great, thanks!’
  • ‘I found all aspects helpful.’
  • ‘The workshop brought together the use of art and therapy exceptionally well.’
  • ‘You have so much enthusiasm and artistry in your approach.’
  • ‘The collage was wonderful and I really enjoyed the energy around the table.’
  • ‘The clay sculpting exercise was excellent and a good progression from the collage.’
  • ‘I learned how we can use our perceptions and ideals to help heal ourselves and ultimately others.’


  • For more information about Creativity Workshops, call (919) 918-1014.
  • The next monthly Creativity Workshop to be announced.