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Why do I offer Coaching Services?

Many people do not have diagnosable mental health issues, but would like to increase their level of pleasure or satisfaction in their work or personal lives. Coaching and Psychotherapy are similar, yet differ in a few important respects. For one thing, Coaching does not assume that a person is in any way impaired or needs to be ‘fixed’. While therapy is focused on resolving or learning to better cope with psychological difficulties that would otherwise impair a person’s ability to function in the outside world. In coaching, the relationship between the client and the coach is more egalitarian, and the client bears a greater degree of responsibility for the outcomes they are able to achieve.┬áThe coach is mainly responsible for keeping the client accountable or ‘on track’ in working towards the step by step accomplishment of their own unique goals. While Dr. Parks will teach her coaching clients a number of therapeutic tools that they can practice on their own, she will not technically be providing ‘psychotherapy’. Please see the ICF (International Coaching Federation) website for a more thorough description of the differences between coaching and psychotherapy. For more information about Dr. Parks coaching practice please go to to see her latest group and special offerings.

Dr. Parks offers pre-paid coaching services either in person on a per hour basis, or over the phone and via email on a monthly basis. Before paying for your coaching sessions online, you must first have a 20 minute free coaching evaluation session with Dr. Parks. You can also pay for workshops using the paypal buttons at the bottom of this page.

Register now for the Creative Renewal Beach Retreat at Pine Knoll Shores in late June to early July by calling 919-918-1014 and leaving a detailed message. Steevie will return your call as soon as possible! Learn more about this upcoming opportunity on the Creativity Workshops Page as well as on the Upcoming Events page at

To arrange for a free coaching evaluation phone session you must call Dr. Parks at 919-918-1014.

Types of Coaching offered by Dr. Parks:

Creativity Coaching:

For Writers, Artists, Musicians, Dancers and Actors and other creative people who are experiencing creative blocks or questions about how to become more passionately and authentically involved in their work, as well as to achieve higher levels of external success in their fields.

ADHD Coaching:

For those with issues involving (attention, concentration, organizational skills or impulsivity) who need an outside person to help to get them to be more organized, focused and successful in either their work or personal lives.

Academic and Vocational Coaching:

For those who would like to become more successful academically or vocationally and would like to have a supportive and knowledgeable partner who can work to help them achieve their academic and vocational goals in a realistic and timely manner.


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