Creative Energy Healing

‘Creative Energy Healing’ is a term that I have coined to describe my unique approach to psychotherapy.  This technique combines humanistic psychotherapy, creativity coaching, creative arts therapies and hypnosis to enable people to access and fully utilize their own creative energies to solve problems and to address life challenges with grace and optimism.  I am […]

Individual Psychotherapy

How do I know if I need psychotherapy? If you answer ‘yes’ to any of the following questions, you could well benefit from therapy: Have you been feeling down or depressed most of the time for two weeks? Does your anxiety keep you from living a full, active and happy life? Are you chronically dissatisfied […]

Creativity Coaching

Creativity Coaching Creativity Coaching is for Artists, Actors, Writers, Musicians, and any other creatively interested person who would like to explore ways to deepen their commitment to their creative outlets and ventures, so that they can achieve their unique creative goals. Creativity Coaching, as practiced by Dr. Parks includes significant exposure to visualization and expressive […]

EMDR: Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy

Q. What is EMDR? A. EMDR is a clinical technique that was developed and extensively researched by Francine Shapiro, Ph.D. While it contains the words ‘Eye Movement’ in it’s title, it now refers to any form of bilateral sensory stimulation provided to a client in the context of deep relaxation or what can be called […]

Clinical Hypnosis

Q. What is clinical hypnosis? A. Clinical hypnosis refers to the use of hypnosis by a trained clinician for a therapeutic purpose. Q. What is a trance? A. A trance refers to a state where individuals deeply focused on their own internal thoughts and feelings and temporarily loose touch with their physical surroundings. Many people […]

What are Creative Arts Therapies and How Are They Used?

Q. What are creative arts therapies? A. Creative arts therapies refer to the use of any art medium as a psychotherapeutic tool under the guidance of a mental health professional who is either certified or licensed to provide this type of treatment. Q. What are they good for? A. Two of the most popular uses […]